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Angha by Cattype
Angha by DMStrecker
A is for Angha by monkfishlover
A is for Angha by SirIsaac
B-Bush Dai Dai
Bush Dai Dai by DMStrecker

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BUSH DAI DAI by muura

Mature Content

Bush Dai-Dai by Nachiii
Catoblepas by chaosqueen122
Catoblepas by M0AI
Catoblepas by DMStrecker
Dobhar-chu by monkfishlover
Dobhar Chu by Adrakitt
Dobhar-Chu by DMStrecker
Epimeliad by DMStrecker
Epimeliad by NightmareHound
E is for... by Kettlehead

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Epimeliad by GensouRyuu
Firebird by DMStrecker
Firebird by Nachiii
Firebird by GensouRyuu
Gargoyle by DMStrecker
Pukegoyle by NightmareHound
Gargoyle by Brett2DBean
Hellhound, Miniature by DMStrecker
Hellhound by GensouRyuu
H - Hellhound by SammyTorres
Ijiraq by DMStrecker
Alphabeastiary - Ijiraq by Gedelgo

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Ijiraq by rgyoung
fox fire by chaosqueen122


1. Feel free to do your own interpretation of the challenge beast, be it minimalist to Japanese woodblock print to yarn sculpture. However, please keep the recognizable aspects of the beast intact. We want to be able to tell what it is. If we give you a Minotaur make sure it has minotaur traits. We will accept any style as long as it's recognizable. For instance, Kasey has a more storybook/painterly style while Toby has a spastic cartoony style. We are not expecting huge, painted, realisitc pieces from everyone.

2. Fully rendered images (color or not) are highly encouraged. Be as creative as you can with each beast. Remember, it can be as modern or as traditional in interpretation as you want it to be.

3. Sketches are acceptable if they are well scanned, cleaned up, on nice paper, and very well-done, but we prefer cleaned-up, finished pieces. We would prefer if all submitted work looks as professional as possible.

4. Please no porn. Nudity is allowed as most of the monsters obviously don’t wear pants but please keep it tasteful. (Kids should be able to enjoy our blog too).

5. No fanart! We don't what interpretations of other people's interpretations. Please make your own.

6. We will provide information about each beast but feel free to look up more on your own. Part of the fun is learning about new monsters from different lands that you might not know about. The more you know the more you can add to your image.

Some good examples to look at for inspiration:
Kitsune, our letter K, is possibly one of the most well known of all Japan's many many beasts and spirits. The name Kitsune literally means "Fox" and its reputation for trickery and cunning is the stuff of legends. Folklore speaks of these foxes as shape-shifters who possess all sorts of strong magic. Typically Kitsune are separated into different types based on magic and behavior. The most common being the Zenko (literally good foxes) and the Yako (literally field foxes). The Zenko, also known as Inari foxes, are spiritual creatures associated with Shinto shrines and rice harvests. Yako foxes on the other hand are mischievous monsters who use their powers to play pranks and cause trouble where they can.

In Kitsune age and magic are closely related, the older the fox the stronger the magic. At around 100 years of age they gain the ability to take human form. The older and more powerful a Kitsune becomes the more tails they will grow, after the ninth tail its fur will turn gold or white.
Once able to take human form Kitsune's will often pose as beautiful women or elderly men. They are not limited however, and can duplicate the shape of anyone they encounter. The only way to spot a Kitsune in human form is a misplaced tail, fox-like facial features or a fox-shaped shadow.
Sometimes a more dangerous demon Kitsune will possess a victim (usually a woman), causing them to go completely mad.

One famous legend tells of the marriage of two Foxes which happens when the sun shines on a rainy day. The Sunshower or Kitsune no Yomeiri is the only condition in which the Kitsune will hold their sacred ceremony. A sunshower is considered a sign of good things to come...but be warned. A fox will always seek revenge any any human who catches a glimpse of the wedding procession.

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I have a sketch of kitsune. I put it together with another random sketch. Can it be submitted like that or do I have to put it apart? [link]

I hope this group still works. It would be a shame for it to stop, when it's such a great idea. I also learnt some interesting things here :aww:
ShadowSaber Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
???? what happen to the club
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